Scary Halloween Eyes – Paper Towel / Toilet Paper Tube Eyes

Scary Halloween Eyes

Spooky eyes lurking in the bushes! This is a great effect that costs under $5. If you’re on a budget and want to spice up your Halloween decorations, this is right up your dark alley. This is also a great project you can do you with your kids so long as they have adult supervision.

I’ve been to many Halloween pop-up stores and found some electronic eyes. These are a great way to add that spooky eye effect, but the method in this post is much more affordable and a fun time putting together.

Making Scary Halloween Eyes

The video below shows how easy they are to make.

  • Find an empty toilet paper tube roll or an empty paper towel roll.
  • Draw eye designs on tube(s).
  • Cut out eye designs.
  • Paint tube black to help hide it.
  • Insert electronic candles or glow sticks for illumination.
  • Place your scary Halloween eyes in the bushes.

Here is another video with what it looks like in the dark when completed.


In the video above, electronic candles are used. This gives a great flickering effect and helps draw attention to the eyes. They also illuminate very well in the dark. The cheaper alternative is to use glow sticks. You should not use the bracelet or necklace glow sticks. You should be using the larger and thicker glow sticks to give more illumination to the eyes.

With either illumination method, you may also want to hide the candles or glow sticks. You can do this is several ways. The first is to position the tubes properly to hide the sticks. This can be from an elevated position from eye level, or inserting material to block direct views to the stick. You can use aluminum foil to do this which will also reflect some of the light back on the tube.


Placement of the scary Halloween eye tubes is important. As said above, placing them above eye level will help hide the illumination methods.

Placing the tubes in bushes is the best place for them. The bushes will hide the tubes and only allow the peering eyes to be visible. You can also place them in dark areas that are about 10ft or more away from your visitors. This will help hide the tubes and keep the effect more realistic.

You Comments

If you have any suggestions on making this effect more effective, leave a comment below. If you’ve tried this, let us know what your results were.

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