Large Halloween Costumes

Tall Halloween Costumes Creates Fascination and Horror

If you are looking to make a huge impression at a Halloween costume party or your next haunt, an over-sized costume will surely catch great attention. What are we talking about when we say a tall costume? Some costumes can easily be over 10 ft tall, but anything over 7 ft should be considered tall. The idea is to tower above the crowd. It creates a sense of domination in the psyche

When going large with a Halloween costume, you have plenty of character options and creative opportunities. The amount of options available to you are endless. The video below demonstrates how to think out-side-the-box and create a costume that is spectacular. It may take a bit more physical endurance, but the reactions to the costume and well worth it.

Investing the time into your Halloween efforts is well worth it when you get the reaction you wanted from people. Whether you are looking to scare someone or fascinate them, the feedback you get (including screams) makes it very rewarding. This video of Freakshow will make you laugh and smile because of the reactions of everyone. The character is very entertaining and adds an element of surprise. It’s great to see the clown theme tied in to the haunted house.

If you are concerned about costs, there are some fairly cheep options for you to explore. Visit your closet, fabric store or Halloween store to find clothing.

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