Grim Reaper Costume [Death Costume] – 8ft Tall

Grim Reaper Costume [Death Costume] – 8ft Tall

The Grim Reaper draws to mind many images and personifications. Some believe that he helps the soul pass between the living world and the afterlife. To see the Grim Reaper would be your last memory via the Underworld before the afterlife begins. Others believe he can take the life of anyone by a simple touch of the index finger; or, uh… finger bone. What ever your image or personification of the Grim Reaper, it’s a great character for conjuring up the spirit of Halloween. In many different styles, he’s always recognizable.

Grim Reaper Harness

This year, I wanted to make a big impression with my costume. So, I went big. Why make a 5′ 10″ tall Grim Reaper when I can can make an 8ft tall Grim Reaper. A couple years ago, I went to a local Halloween store to find a few things. On the way out, I saw a large skull about 2ft tall. It had battery operated lights that make the eyes glow and flash. The interior is hollowed out leaving enough room to fit a head in there if you wanted. It was a great prop for many haunts. Now, I’m going to use it to make a terrifying costume.

Grim Reaper Skull

The first step is securely fitting the skull a foot above my head. I searched the internet for creating a harness with some sort of a post which would attach to the skull. I couldn’t find much information that helped. Eventually, I decided to use PVC pipe and pipe insulation to create a post to hold skull and belts to act as a harness and secure it to my body. It allows me some good flexibility and it’s comfortable with the insulation.

Large Halloween Costume Harness

This costume is extremely large. Because of the size, I had to make the anatomy proportionate to the size of the skull and height. I attached more PVC pipe extending outward for the shoulders and used 2.5 liter soda bottles to round out the shoulders. This not only rounded them out on the top, but also on the sides where the arm connects to the shoulder joint. Because of what you would think the length of the arms to be, my natural hand placement will look proportionate in most positions.

Grim Reaper Hood and Cape

Where can you find a Grim Reaper outfit that’s 8ft tall? I don’t think Big & Tall carries them. I have an outfit that is sized for my height. It has mesh hood that I can see out of, but you cannot see in. I am having to make a hood and full cape to accommodate for the size. The video below shows how to make a hood and cape for Little Red Riding hood, but it gives the general idea of how to make the costume.

I’ll update this post with more information when I’m done. Check back for updates.

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