DIY Halloween Gravestones

Whether you call them tombstones or gravestones, you will find yourself spending $50 or more on these graveyard decorations. Adding tombstones to your haunt is a necessity when you have a graveyard scene. It adds an eerie ambiance and sets the tone for what could come. Saving money on these props and customizing them gives you control of your haunted visions.

The video below is by no means a tutorial teaching you how to build incredible looking tombstones, but it’s a 101 tutorial to demonstrate how easy and affordable this project can be. Look for other posts on for more in depth articles demonstrating advanced techniques for a greater look.

Tools & Products

  • Polystyrene insulation sheets
  • Marker
  • String
  • Coat hanger
  • Paint

Be careful when you paint your tombstone. There are mistakes that can ruin all the work you have done. In the video above, a flat black paint was used. It was sprayed at an angle so the paint fell onto the tombstone rather than being directly sprayed. This gives a better aged effect and adds shadows and highlights to give a more realistic look. As described, the paint will start to eat away the polystyrene. This can be a desired effect. However, the paint can eat away at it more than you intended. The video below is a great demonstration of what can happen if you spray to closely or directly onto the polystyrene.

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