AtmosFEARfx UnLiving Portraits

Living… Uh, UnLiving Portraits

We’ve all seen those hologram portraits at your local Halloween store (like the picture below). They change from a an old photo of a man or woman and change into a daemon as you walk by.

AtmosFEARfx has taken this concept to a next level. You can now have animated portraits that literally jump out at you. You can choose up to 3 family characters that will mystify and startle your guests. Didn’t I say that AtmosFEARfx takes it to the next level? Not only can you choose up to 3 characters, you can also have the UnLiving Portraits interact with each other. This is definitely a piece your ghoulish guests will be talking about the next day. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I’m screaming about.

UnLiving Portraits Setup

Setting this up is not terribly difficult, but will take some work to do. The idea is to use a flat screen TV as your canvas so to speak. You can choose either a portrait or a landscape view.

What you need:

  • Flatscreen TV (HDTV)
  • DVD player / USB thumb drive
  • Video cable (HDMI, component, etc)
  • Picture frame / fake picture frame

For a video tutorial on setup, please watch the video below.

In the video setup below, a pressure pad triggers the video animation making the effect much scarier.

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