AtmosFEARfx Video Illusions

AtmosFEARfx provides videos to display spectacular visual illusions for your Halloween decorations or spice up your haunts. They have a great collection of videos for impressive window projections, scary wall projections, entertaining jack-o-lantern projections, spooky videos for your tv, and other stunning optical illusions. I have seen several Halloween videos for projections from various companies, but AtmosFEARfx provides high quality videos that will have your house drawing lots of trick-or-treaters. I tried this brand for the first time this year, and many people stopped by asking how it was done and where they could buy their products.

AtmosFEARfx Zombie Invasion

For you Zombie lovers out there, this is a real treat. If there is ever to be a zombie invasion, allow the epicenter to happen at your house. If you are having a party, your guests will be terrified as they are surrounded by zombies searching for human flesh outside and attempting to break in through the windows for their feast. If you are planning on scaring the neighborhood zombie-phobes, videos on this DVD will certainly say this is a house to ‘keep out’ of. The silhouettes zombies are incredibly terrifying and present great realism that will make people thing that you hired actors to stand in front of the window and try to break out. Caution: watching the video above may scare you into buying this video.

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx Zombie Invasion on this in depth post.

Buy Zombie Invasion for $39.99

AtmosFEARfx Ghostly Apparitions

If it’s ghosts you want, it’s ghosts you’ll get. This video features some great effects from the spirit world. Stop people passing by with these great window projections. I guarantee it will turn heads and spark a conversation about how it is done. This DVD also provides wall/door projections that will seem as if ghosts are walking/floating right through walls. It would be a great addition to your haunt that will frighten many people.

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx Ghostly Apparitions on this in depth post.

Buy Ghostly Apparitions for $39.99

AtmosFEARfx Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree

This is a great video that the younger neighborhood kids, and older kids, will love. There are several video options on this DVD, but what I love best about it is the pumpkin projections. Singing and story telling will capture the audience of your young trick-or-treaters and create a crowd. The quality of the jack-o-lantern character animations are the best I’ve seen so far, and the music and audio will light your smile. If you are not planning on projecting onto the pumpkins, the same singing and story telling jack-o-lanterns are available for window projection and display on your TV.

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree on this in depth post.

Buy Jack-O-Lantern Jamboree for $29.75

AtmosFEARfx UnLiving Portraits

You’ve seen those cheap picture frames you can get from any Halloween shop that change the subjects appearance as you walk past them. AtmosFEARfx takes these haunted portraits to a whole new level. This is one of the cheaper setups as it does not require a projector. Simply play the DVD on your HDTV and add a picture frame around it. These will produce many more scares than those cheap pictures from teh Halloween store and some great laughs for you as you scare your guests.

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx UnLiving Portraits on this in depth post.

Buy UnLiving Portraits for $39.99

AtmosFEARfx Creepy Crawlies 2

I hope you are not squeamish with bugs and creepy crawlies, but I sure hope your guests are. This video is a great if you have a small haunt in your garage or you have the kids collect candy from you in the garage. This will surely frighten them as these bugs, snakes, and rats flood out of holes in your wall or scatter along the floor and ceiling. Add a little acting to this video and pretend your are frightened as the bugs invade your place, and you’ll see people running while you laugh at their horror.

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx Creepy Crawlies 2 on this in depth post.

Buy Creepy Crawlies 2 for $39.99

AtmosFEARfx Tricks and Treats

Are you looking for Halloween shenanigans with scary characters? You can pretend to party with these Halloween hipsters. The silhouettes will insinuate that know one should ever break into your house unless they intend on being part of an evil experiment.

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx Tricks and Treats on this in depth post.

Buy Tricks and Treats for $39.99

AtmosFEARfx Shades of Evil

Have you ever wanted to throw a murder mystery party? Now, you can without having lame actors that you call friends. Shades of Evil presents several murder scenes that will have your neighbors questioning if you are the Leave it to Beaver family or the Leave it to Meat Cleaver family. Knives, hangings, back stabbing; what more could you want?

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx Shades of Evil on this in depth post.

Buy Shades of Evil for $29.99

AtmosFEARfx Blood Walls

If you are a sick individual with a lust for blood, you can recreate scenes from the movie Carrie or create your own surgery gone wrong. Perhaps you just want to show off the demons in your house that love to put on a bloody good show. With blood flowing from behind doors, blood completely filling a room, or a demonic creature, this DVD is right up your alley.

For more information and setup tips, read more about AtmosFEARfx Blood Walls on this in depth post.

Buy Blood Walls for $29.99

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